Loci Presentation

I recently gave a talk about Loci, that gives a quick insight into what the language offers.

Use Unsigned Fixed Size Types

In the header stdint.h you can find a bunch of fixed size types, signed and unsigned, from 8 bits up to 64 bits. Their names are int8_t, uint8_t, int16_t, uint16_t etc. where the number clearly indicates the number of bits. These types are designed to solve the problem that the normal primitive types (char, short,…

Village Campaign for Superfast Internet

I’ve started a website for a campaign to bring superfast internet to my local village. It’s a new (and quite different) project for me… Feel free to contact me if you’re interested (e.g. you’re looking to start your own local campaign).

Concurrent Programming Talk Slides

I recently gave a talk on ‘Concurrent Programming’, for which the slides can be found here. The abstract for the talk was: In this talk I’ll discuss the fundamental problems facing the development of concurrent applications and common approaches that aim to solve them. I’ll propose a solution that is based on the best of…

Threads vs Events

As I’ve been programming OpenP2P, I’ve iterated over a few styles of programming – a process which consumed a lot of time, but taught me a lot. Originally, I built OpenP2P on top of boost::asio to make use of its asynchronous features, which I had supposed would make my programming life easier, as well providing…